Sykes Work From Home Pay 2020: Rates, Positions and Factors

Working from home has become increasingly popular in recent years, and with the current pandemic forcing many businesses to switch to remote work, it’s becoming even more widespread. Sykes is one company that offers work-from-home positions in customer service, technical support, and sales. With more than 45 years of experience in the industry, Sykes is a leading provider of customer service solutions, serving a variety of industries such as healthcare, financial services, and transportation. Sykes provides services in more than 40 languages from over 80 locations around the world. Their work-from-home opportunities are available in the United States, Canada, and Europe, and they offer competitive pay rates and performance-based incentives. Candidates for a Sykes work-from-home position must have a high-speed internet connection, a quiet workspace, and a computer that meets specific requirements. Sykes provides their employees with training and support to ensure they can perform their duties effectively from a remote location. If you’re looking for a work-from-home opportunity with an established and reputable company, Sykes may be a good option to consider.

H2: Sykes Work-From-Home Positions
Sykes offers a variety of remote positions across industries that require varying levels of expertise. Here is an overview of some of the positions available:

H3: Customer Service Representative

– Responsible for answering customer queries and resolving issues
– Average hourly pay rates between $9 and $16
– Full-time and part-time positions available

H3: Technical Support Agent

– Troubleshoot technical issues and provide solutions to customers
– Average hourly pay rates between $11 and $19
– Full-time and part-time positions available

H3: Sales Representative

– Responsible for selling goods or services to customers and meeting sales targets
– Commission-based roles with an average hourly pay rate of $12-$20
– Full-time and part-time positions available

Sykes also has work-from-home opportunities for specialized skills such as bilingual customer service representatives or social media content moderators. Each position requires specific experience and qualifications. Sykes provides training and support programs to ensure employees are proficient in the skills required for their respective positions.

To learn more about Sykes work-from-home positions, you can visit their website at

Is Sykes work from home?

Yes, Sykes is a company that offers work from home opportunities. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Sykes hires work from home customer service representatives to answer calls and provide support to clients.
  • They offer full-time and part-time positions with flexible schedules.
  • Sykes provides training and support for their remote workers.

If you’re interested in working from home with Sykes, check out their website for current job openings and application information.

H2: Average Pay Rates for Sykes Work-From-Home Positions

Here is a breakdown of the average hourly pay rates for Sykes’ work-from-home positions:

| Position | Average Hourly Pay Rate |
| Customer Service Representative| $9-$16 |
| Technical Support Agent | $11-$19 |
| Sales Representative | $12-$20 + Commission |

H3: Factors Affecting Sykes Work-From-Home Pay Rates

The following factors can affect the pay rates for Sykes’ work-from-home positions:

Experience and skill level
Geographic location
Position and hours worked
– Performance-based incentives, such as bonuses and promotions
Benefits package, including health insurance and paid time off

Sykes offers competitive pay rates compared to other work-from-home jobs, and candidates have the potential to earn more through performance-based incentives. With positions available across industries and skill levels, Sykes provides opportunities for individuals seeking flexible work arrangements.

What are hourly rates of pay?

Hourly rates of pay are the amount of money that an employer pays an employee for every hour of work completed. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to hourly rates of pay:

  • Hourly rates vary depending on the industry and location.
  • Employers are required by law to pay their employees at least the minimum wage in their state or province.
  • Some employers offer different hourly rates for different shifts, such as evening or weekend shifts.
  • Hourly rates can be negotiated during the hiring process, so it’s worth researching the average pay rates for the industry before accepting a job offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about hourly rates of pay or finding job opportunities near you, websites like Glassdoor or Indeed can provide helpful information.

H2: Other Benefits of Sykes Work-From-Home Positions

In addition to competitive pay rates, Sykes work-from-home positions offer the following benefits:

H3: Benefits Package

– Health insurance, including medical, dental and vision
– Paid time off for vacation, sick leave and holidays
401(k) retirement savings plan with company match
Employee Assistance Program for mental health and wellness support
Career advancement opportunities with ongoing training and development
Employee discounts and perks program

These benefits can provide significant financial and personal support for candidates. The 401(k) retirement savings plan and health insurance can help with long-term financial planning, while paid time off and mental health support can improve overall well-being. Sykes also offers career advancement opportunities for those looking to grow within the company.

H2: How to Apply for a Sykes Work-From-Home Position

To apply for a Sykes work-from-home position, follow these steps:

H3: Application Process

1. Visit the Sykes website and search for available positions.
2. Review job descriptions and requirements to find a role that matches your skills and experience.
3. Click “apply” and follow the instructions to create an account and submit your application and resume.
4. If your application is selected, you will be contacted for further interviews and screening.

It’s essential to carefully review job requirements before applying to ensure that you meet the qualifications, including having a reliable computer and internet connection. If you’re selected for a role, be prepared to complete various screenings, such as a background check and drug test.


Sykes offers competitive pay rates and benefits for work-from-home positions, making them a valuable option for those seeking remote jobs. While pay rates vary based on factors such as experience and skills, candidates can expect to earn between $9 and $20 per hour. Sykes offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health insurance, paid time off, and retirement savings plans. Consider applying for a Sykes work-from-home position if you’re looking for a flexible role that provides financial and personal support.

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