Top Online Work From Home Jobs in 2020

Top Online Work From Home Jobs in 2020

2020 has been a year of unprecedented changes in the world of work. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of working from home, with more and more companies opting for remote work to ensure the safety of their employees. As a result, online work from home jobs have become increasingly popular. Working from home provides several benefits, such as flexible working hours, reduced commute time, and the ability to balance work and personal life more effectively. Moreover, it allows job seekers to apply for jobs globally, providing them with access to a wider range of opportunities. The growing demand for online work from home jobs has opened up multiple career paths for people of all skills and backgrounds. From creative freelancing jobs to customer service roles, there is a plethora of online work from home jobs available. With the right skills and motivation, anyone can find success in this field. In this article, we will explore the various online work from home jobs available in 2020 and how to seize these opportunities.

Popular Online Work From Home Jobs

Some of the most popular online work from home jobs in 2020 include:

  • Freelancing: A freelancer works on multiple projects for various clients. Freelance jobs include but not limited to content writing, editing, web development, graphic designing, and social media management etc.
  • Virtual Assistance: A virtual assistant works remotely to support businesses in various administrative and organizational tasks such as data entry and scheduling. Popular platforms to find virtual assistant work include Upwork, Zirtual, and Fancy Hands.
  • Remote Customer Service Representative: A customer service representative working remotely can handle client queries and complaints from home without being physically present in the office. Some companies hiring for remote customer service representatives include Amazon and American Express.
  • Online Tutoring: An online tutor who is an expert in a specific subject can teach students from around the world, offering flexibility and a rewarding income. Popular online tutoring websites include VIPKid, iTutorGroup, and Chegg.

Freelance jobs can be found on websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. To find work as a virtual assistant, job seekers can explore platforms such as Indeed, Flexjobs, and Remote customer service representative jobs can be found on company career pages or job boards, such as SimplyHired and Glassdoor. Online tutoring work can be found on tutoring platforms or on general job boards such as Indeed or LinkedIn.

What is the best way to work online from home?

There are several ways to work online from home. Here are some of the best options:

  • Freelancing – websites like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr offer a variety of projects to work on remotely.
  • Online tutoring or teaching – platforms like VIPKid or Chegg allow you to teach others online.
  • Virtual bookkeeping or accounting – websites like Bookminders or hire people to work as virtual bookkeepers.
  • Remote customer service – companies like Amazon or LiveOps hire customer service representatives to work from home.

Keep in mind that finding a legitimate work-from-home job requires research and caution. Do your due diligence before accepting any job opportunity.

The Benefits of Online Work From Home Jobs

One of the biggest advantages of online work from home jobs is their flexibility. Here are some benefits of online work from home jobs:

Benefits Description
Flexible work hours Opportunities to work on one’s own time and pace, enabling one to manage both career and personal life better.
Cost-effectiveness Saving money on daily commutes, office clothes, and meals eaten outside.
Global outreach Ability to work with global clients or tutors, regardless of their physical location.
Opportunities to learn new skills Working on various projects provides opportunities to learn new skills, explore passions, and improve existing skills.

Another benefit of online work from home jobs is the potential to earn a good income. While pay rates vary depending on the nature of the job, online work from home jobs offer significant earning opportunities. According to FlexJobs, the average pay rate for remote jobs is $22 per hour, higher than the national median hourly wage of $16.87. With the popularity of online work from home jobs, more and more companies are offering remote work options, making it easier for workers to find remote job opportunities across various industries.

What are advantages of work from home?

There are several advantages to working from home, including:

  • No commuting, saving both time and money
  • Flexible schedule and increased autonomy
  • Increased productivity and focus due to fewer distractions
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Access to a wider range of job opportunities

For those looking to work from home, websites such as FlexJobs and Upwork provide a range of remote job opportunities in various industries. Alternatively, remote collaboration and communication tools such as Zoom and Slack can help remote workers stay connected and productive.

How to Find Online Work From Home Jobs

Finding the right online work from home job can be challenging, but here are some tips to get started:

  • Search for online job opportunities on major job portals such as Indeed, Glassdoor, and FlexJobs. Filter job searches by specific keywords such as “remote,” “work from home,” or “virtual.”
  • Create profiles on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and These platforms list a wide range of freelance jobs from content writing to website design to tutoring.
  • Network with other professionals in your field to discover opportunities for remote work or freelancing. LinkedIn and other social media platforms are great for networking.
  • Consider registering with staffing agencies that specialize in remote work, such as or WorkingNomads.

It’s important to remember that online work from home jobs require a proactive approach. Job seekers should keep their portfolios up to date and consistently apply for relevant job opportunities to increase their chances of landing a job. Overall, online work from home jobs offer individuals the ability to earn a decent income while enjoying flexibility and a better work-life balance.

How do I start looking for an online job?

If you’re looking to start your search for online jobs, here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Research job boards and websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and to see what kind of job openings are available.
  • Consider searching for remote job opportunities through company websites or LinkedIn.
  • Create a profile and resume that showcases your skills and experience, and make sure to tailor it to fit the type of online job you’re looking for.
  • Join job search groups or forums on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with other job seekers and learn about new opportunities.
  • Be proactive and reach out to companies or individuals in your desired industry to inquire about job openings or freelance work.

Top Online Work From Home Job Websites

If you’re looking for online work from home job websites to find more job opportunities, here are some of the best portals to consider:

1. Upwork

  • Offers a wide range of freelance jobs across various industries
  • Allows freelancers to market themselves by creating a personalized profile
  • Has a built-in messaging system to communicate with clients directly

2. FlexJobs

  • Provides a curated job search platform specializing in remote, freelance and part-time jobs
  • Offers a variety of job categories ranging from graphic design to virtual assistant
  • Offers a satisfaction guarantee – get your money back if you’re not satisfied


  • Hosts a range of remote job opportunities, including work from home or telecommute options
  • Offers resources such as coaching, articles, and a job board to help job seekers with their remote job search
  • Lists job openings from top companies such as Amazon and Salesforce

4. Fiverr

  • Offers freelancers the ability to market their services across various niches
  • Lists available jobs on a marketplace platform, allowing clients to discover freelancers and their services
  • Has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for beginners to get started

Each platform offers unique advantages to job seekers looking for online work from home jobs. It’s important to find the one that works best for you and your skillset.

Which platform is best for work from home?

  • Upwork – a freelance platform where clients can hire remote workers for various projects like writing, design, programming, and more.
  • Fiverr – a global marketplace where freelancers can offer their services ranging from digital marketing, writing, design, and more.
  • Wrike – a project management platform that enables remote teams to collaborate on projects and manage tasks efficiently.
  • Trello – a visual project management tool that lets you organize and prioritize tasks, as well as communicate with your team, no matter where they are in the world.


In conclusion, online work from home jobs are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility, convenience, and earning potential. With the right skillset and attitude, job seekers can find a fulfilling career working from home. The online job market is vast and provides a variety of options for people with different skill sets, from writing to graphic design to customer service. Finding a reliable job opportunity may require some research and patience, but the rewards are worth it.

As the world moves towards remote work, online work from home jobs are becoming more relevant than ever. These jobs offer a lifestyle with more freedom, reduced commute times, and fewer distractions. It’s important to note that working remotely, especially from home, can be challenging. One must maintain a work-life balance and be disciplined and organized in managing their time.

In addition to the websites mentioned above, there are numerous other online work from home job resources available online. It’s essential for job seekers to take the time to research and educate themselves on the opportunities that exist. Flexibility, independence, and the potential for a rewarding career make online work from home jobs a viable and attractive option for many.






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