5 Profitable Ways to Earn Money Today

In an economy that is constantly evolving, it is important to keep up with new ways to earn money. Thanks to advances in technology and shifting social norms, there are more opportunities than ever before to make a living while pursuing your passions. From online platforms like Amazon and Etsy to the sharing economy and real estate investments, there are many ways to generate income beyond the traditional 9-5 job. In this article, we will explore some of the new ways individuals can earn money and offer tips on how to get started. Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or break free from the 9-5 grind, exploring alternative income streams can be an exciting way to take control of your financial future.

Online platforms

With the rise of the internet and e-commerce, online platforms have become an increasingly popular way to earn money. From selling goods and services to affiliate marketing and paid surveys, there are many ways to generate income online. Here are some common ways to make money using online platforms:

Selling products and services

  • Amazon – sell products on the world’s largest online retailer
  • Etsy – sell handmade goods and vintage items
  • Upwork – offer your services as a freelancer in fields like writing, design, or web development

Affiliate marketing

  • Refer people to products or services and earn a commission of the sale
  • Popular affiliate networks include Amazon Associates and ShareASale

Social media influencer marketing

  • Partner with brands to promote their products on your social media channels (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)
  • Earn money through sponsored posts and affiliate marketing

Paid online surveys

  • Join online survey websites like Swagbucks, SurveyJunkie, and Vindale Research to take paid surveys
  • Earn money or gift cards for completing surveys and providing feedback

How do platforms make money?

Platforms make money in several ways, and here are a few methods:

  • Advertising – platforms often run ads to generate revenue
  • Premium services – they may offer premium services for a fee such as additional features, storage, or access to certain content
  • Subscription – some platforms offer subscriptions for exclusive content or services
  • Affiliate programs – platforms may have affiliate programs where they receive a commission for products or services sold on their site
  • Data collection – some platforms may collect and sell user data to third-party companies

Keep in mind that every platform is unique, and they may use one or a combination of these methods to generate revenue.

Sharing economy

In recent years, the sharing economy has emerged as a popular way to make money. From renting out your spare room on Airbnb to driving for Uber or Lyft, there are many ways to monetize your assets and skills. Here are some examples of how you can make money in the sharing economy:

Rent out your property

Platform Asset
Airbnb Spare bedroom or entire home
Turo Your car
RVshare Your RV or camper

Monetize your skills and knowledge

According to a recent survey, more than 60 million people in the US have participated in the sharing economy in one way or another, and the industry is expected to double in size by 2022. While the sharing economy presents new income opportunities, it also raises concerns about regulation, safety, and the displacement of traditional businesses.

What is a good example of a sharing economy?

The sharing economy has become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek to save money and reduce waste. One good example of a sharing economy is:

  • Airbnb: Airbnb is an online platform that allows people to rent out their homes or apartments to travelers. This not only provides travelers with a unique and affordable place to stay, but also allows homeowners to earn extra money by renting out their unused space.

Other examples of the sharing economy include:

  • Uber: Uber is a ride-sharing service that allows people to share rides with others going in the same direction. This reduces traffic congestion and helps people save money on transportation costs.
  • TaskRabbit: TaskRabbit is a platform that allows people to hire others to do tasks for them, such as running errands, cleaning, or handyman work. This helps people save time and money by outsourcing tasks they don’t have time or skills to do themselves.
  • Bike sharing: Many cities now have bike sharing programs where people can rent bikes for short periods of time. This encourages exercise and reduces the number of cars on the road.


Freelancing is another popular way to earn money, especially for those who want to work from home or be their own boss. Here are some common types of freelancing work and how to get started:

Writing and editing

  • Write articles, blog posts, or e-books for companies and websites
  • Proofread and edit content for accuracy and style
  • Find opportunities on job boards like ProBlogger, Freelancer, or Upwork

Web and graphic design

  • Design websites, logos, flyers, or other digital assets
  • Use software like Adobe Photoshop or Inkscape to create designs
  • Find projects on freelance websites like 99designs, PeoplePerHour, or Fiverr

Virtual assistance

  • Help businesses with administrative tasks such as data entry, research, or customer service
  • Use communication tools like Skype or Slack to communicate with clients
  • Find clients on websites like Zirtual, Assistant Match, or Fancy Hands

Freelancing can be a competitive field, but with proper skills and marketing, there is ample earning potential. As a freelancer, you can set your own rates, choose your own projects, and work on your own schedule. However, you also need to be mindful of taxes, productivity, and finding a steady stream of work to keep your income flowing.

Can you make money from freelancing?

Absolutely! Freelancing can be a great way to earn a steady income, whether it’s your full-time job or a side hustle. Some ways to make money through freelancing include:

  • Working with clients on freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr
  • Selling your services directly through your website or social media
  • Creating and selling digital products like e-books or courses in your area of expertise
  • Partnering with businesses to offer freelance services as part of their packages or services

Of course, as with any job, freelancing requires hard work, dedication, and building a strong reputation. However, with the right skills and approach, freelancing can be a lucrative and rewarding career path.

Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is another lucrative way of making money. Here are a few ways to invest in real estate:

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

  • REITs are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate
  • They pool the money of investors to buy a portfolio of properties, which generates income through rents, mortgage lending, or sales of properties
  • Investors typically earn dividends from the rental income, since REITs are required to distribute at least 90% of their annual income to shareholders
  • REITS can be publicly traded or private

Become a landlord

  • Purchase a rental property and become a landlord, collecting rent every month
  • Buying and managing a rental property can be a long-term investment and a reliable source of passive income
  • Be aware of the upfront costs of buying a property, taxes, and maintenance costs
  • Marketing rental properties through websites like Zillow, Rent.com, or Apartments.com can help find tenants

Flipping houses

  • Buying and renovating undervalued properties, and then selling them for a profit
  • Before buying a property for flipping, be sure to assess the costs of renovation, the value of the property, and potential risks
  • Networking with contractors, wholesalers, or real estate agents can help find good deals

Investing in real estate requires careful research, planning, and financial stability, but it can also be a great way to increase passive income and diversify investment portfolio.

How do you successfully invest in real estate?

Investing in real estate can be a profitable venture, but it requires careful planning and research. Here are a few tips to help you successfully invest in real estate:

  • Set a budget and stick to it.
  • Research the local market to find the best opportunities.
  • Consider purchasing rental properties for passive income.
  • Work with an experienced real estate agent or investment advisor.
  • Understand the risks and potential pitfalls of real estate investing.

Additionally, there are many websites and products available to help investors make informed decisions about real estate investments. Platforms such as Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia provide data on local housing markets, while tools like Roofstock allow investors to purchase rental properties with ease.

Side Businesses

Side businesses are becoming increasingly popular as a way to generate extra income or passion projects into a profitable venture. Here are some ideas to start:

Online tutoring

  • Online tutoring offers a flexible and convenient way to earn extra income
  • Websites like Chegg, TutorMe, and Club Z! Tutoring Services offer coaching opportunities in various subjects
  • Qualifications required may vary, but having expertise or a degree in a particular field is often recommended

E-commerce store

  • Starting an e-commerce business with platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce is easier than ever
  • You can sell your products or drop-ship other products you find thrilling
  • Promoting your store on social media channels and utilizing email marketing strategies can help reach a wider audience and grow your e-commerce store

Freelance writing or graphic design

  • Freelance writing and graphic designing are popular ways to make money on the internet
  • Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer offer work opportunities in abundance
  • To begin, you only require a computer and a high-speed internet connection to start earning

Side hustles can be a great way to monetize passions, develop new skills, test out new business ideas, and earn an extra income. You may find that the venture starts slow, but with perseverance and consistency, the profitability and satisfaction can grow over time.

What business is best for extra income?

If you’re looking to earn some extra income, here are some businesses that you can start:

  • Offer your freelance services online such as graphic design, writing or editing, social media management, or website development through websites like Upwork or Fiverr.
  • Create an online course or e-book that could help others learn a skill or develop themselves and sell it through platforms like Udemy or Amazon’s Kindle Store.
  • Create a dropshipping store and sell products through Shopify or Amazon FBA without having to physically stock any inventory.
  • Buy second-hand items at thrift stores or garage sales and resell them through eBay or other online platforms.
  • Become a rideshare driver for Uber or Lyft in your spare time to earn extra cash on your own time.

Of course, not every option may be feasible for everyone but if you put in the effort and dedication, you could potentially earn additional income through these businesses.


In conclusion, there are numerous ways to earn money in today’s economy. From side hustles, online platforms, sharing economy, to investing in real estate, individuals now have easier access to different opportunities for generating income. Finding new ways to make money can generate passive income streams, supplement existing incomes, or turn into full-time jobs. However, it is important to note that not all the methods mentioned here will be suitable for every individual or situation, and some might require more time and effort, especially in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement of technology and the ease of access to digital platforms and resources, many more opportunities can be explored to generate income. Those who are willing to put in the time and effort to research and execute plans can uncover innovative ways to make money in the constantly evolving landscape. The ultimate key to success is to be daring, exploratory, and open to new opportunities – with a little hard work, anyone can discover new ways to earn money.

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