Top 5 Highest Paid Work From Home Jobs 2020

Working from home has become a prevalent option for professionals in the modern workplace. It offers convenience, flexibility, and saves precious time spent in commuting. The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the traditional office environment, with most companies adjusting to remote work. The growing number of employees seeking a work from home job has made it a competitive environment, where employees must offer skills that are unique and valuable. In this article, we will explore the top five highest paid work from home jobs in 2020. Remote employees can earn a salary that is commensurate with their skills and experience, and the job market for work from home jobs continues to expand each day. These five jobs offer the potential to earn a significant amount, which makes it an attractive option for those looking for a more flexible lifestyle.

Top 5 Highest Paid Work from Home Jobs 2020


Software Developer

Software developers are responsible for designing, coding, and testing software. They work remotely and earn a salary of up to $105,000 annually. Here are some companies that offer work from home software developer jobs.

Company Annual Salary
Eventbrite $100,000+
Github $90,000+
Shopify $70,000+


Sales Director

Sales directors are responsible for ensuring that an organization achieves its sales goals. They handle customer inquiries, supervise the sales team and oversee revenue. A sales director can earn an average of $90,000 yearly. Some of the companies that offer remote sales director jobs include:


Financial Manager

A financial manager monitors the finances of an organization, prepares financial reports, and supervises financial professionals in a company. With the use of accounting software, they work remotely and can earn an average of $87,850 per year. Here are some finance and accounting companies that offer work from home financial manager positions.


Medical Writer

A medical writer creates educational materials and publications for healthcare professionals on medical or health-related topics. They need to have a degree in life sciences or medicine, and they can earn up to $77,000 annually. Here are a few companies that offer work from home medical writing jobs.

  • Apollo Medical Writing
  • Amgen
  • BMC Group


Graphic Designer

Graphic designers develop creative concepts, present pixel-perfect designs, and maintain consistency. They work in collaboration with clients and can earn up to $60,000 per year. Here are some companies that offer remote graphic designer positions.

What pays the most money from home?

Here are some options for making money from home:

There are also websites and products that can help you make money from home, such as:

  • Fiverr, which allows you to sell your skills and services online
  • Affiliate marketing, where you promote products and earn a commission on the sales you generate
  • Selling online courses or digital products on platforms like Udemy or Gumroad

Other High-Paying Work from Home Jobs to Consider


IT Project Manager

IT project managers plan IT projects, oversee progress, and ensure the on-time delivery of projects. They earn up to $85,000 annually, and here are some companies hiring work from home IT project managers.


Social Media Manager

Social media managers create and manage content for social media platforms and help develop marketing strategies for businesses. They can earn up to $50,000 annually, and below are some companies offering work from home social media manager positions.


Technical Writer

Technical writers create and write technical documents such as instruction manuals, user guides, and online help articles for various industries. Here are some companies hiring work from home technical writers.

Job Title Salary Range Companies Hiring
IT Project Manager $50,000-$85,000 Dell Technologies, VMware, Amazon Web Services
Social Media Manager $30,000-$50,000 Hootsuite, ModSquad, Buffer
Technical Writer $40,000-$70,000 Google, Apple, IBM


Content Writer

Content writers are responsible for writing engaging, informative, and valuable content for web pages, blogs, and social media. Their annual salary ranges from $35,000 to $75,000. Below are some companies offering work from home content writing jobs.


Marketing Manager

Marketing managers plan, develop, and implement marketing strategies for companies. Their earnings range from $56,000 to $97,000 per year. Here are some companies hiring work from home marketing managers.

Can IT project managers work remotely?

Yes, IT project managers can work remotely as long as the job responsibilities and communication with the team allow for it. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The project scope and requirements should be clearly defined to minimize misunderstandings or miscommunications.
  • Effective communication tools should be in place to facilitate collaboration and regular check-ins with the team.
  • Project management software or tools like Trello, Asana, or can help manage tasks, deadlines, and progress tracking.
  • The IT project manager should have a secure internet connection and a reliable laptop or computer, along with any necessary software and hardware.

Some organizations have made the transition to remote work easier by investing in collaboration software or VPN access to critical systems. If you are an IT project manager looking for remote work, check out remote job search websites like or FlexJobs.

Benefits of Working from Home

There are several benefits of working from home, including:



Working remotely allows you to set your own schedule and work during hours that suit you best.


Less Commuting

Working from home means you don’t have to spend time commuting, which reduces stress and saves money on transportation costs.


Increased Productivity

Remote employees tend to have higher productivity levels due to fewer distractions and more time to focus on work.


Increased Job Satisfaction

Those who work from home seem to be happier and feel more valued as they have more control over their work-life balance.


Reduced Costs

Working from home enables you to save money on expenses like eating out, putting fuel in your vehicle, and purchasing clothing or uniforms.

Overall, work from home jobs offer many benefits that traditional jobs do not. The flexibility and freedom to manage your work-life balance are top among them. By joining an online work community, you can improve your productivity while enjoying a comfortable, quieter atmosphere. It is worth considering the enormous benefits that come with work from home jobs for a better lifestyle.

What are some advantages of working from home?

  • Flexible schedule that allows you to set your own hours and work when it suits you best
  • Elimination of commuting time and expense, which can lead to increased productivity and less stress
  • Ability to work in a comfortable and personalized environment, minimizing distractions and interruptions
  • Increased autonomy and responsibility, as you have more control over your workload and decision-making
  • Improved work-life balance, allowing you to better manage personal and professional responsibilities

If you’re interested in learning more about working from home and how to make it work for you, check out remote work resources and tools like Trello or Asana for organization and productivity assistance.


Remote jobs have become a preferred work style for millions worldwide by offering benefits such as flexibility and convenience. The demand for remote workers has grown tenfold, with employers seeking the best talents globally.
Working from home jobs are not just about convenience, but they can also be lucrative. With these high paying work from home jobs in 2020, you can earn a good living while still having the flexibility that comes with not having to report to the office.
It is clear that more and more employers are realizing the potential of working remotely, and there is every indication that the trend will persist. If you desire a better work-life balance and have the relevant skills, working from home could be an excellent way to achieve that.
So why not take a step and try working from home? With many organizations and tech companies set up to operate entirely online, more work from home opportunities are sure to arise. With determination and focus, you may soon be your own boss and gain more autonomy in your work while enjoying flexible hours and a better quality of life.

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