Top Jobs for 13-Year-Olds to Make Money

Top Jobs for 13-Year-Olds to Make Money

As a kid, it can be tough to find ways to make money. You may not have many expenses, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have some pocket change for those after-school Slurpee runs or the latest video game. If you’re 13 years old, you might be wondering what options are available to you for earning some extra cash. It’s important to find jobs that are safe, legal, and age-appropriate. Luckily, there are a variety of jobs out there for young teens with a little bit of initiative and hard work. From neighborhood odd jobs to online tasks, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for young go-getters. In this article, we’ll explore some good jobs for 13-year-olds to make money, as well as some tips for success. Whether you’re looking for a way to earn a few bucks or to gain some valuable skills, there’s a job out there that’s perfect for you.

If you’re 13-year-old looking for good jobs to make money, there are plenty of opportunities available. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Lawn care: Offer to mow lawns, rake leaves, or water plants for neighbors.
  • Pet-sitting: If you’re an animal lover, offer to pet-sit for families going out of town.
  • Babysitting: If you’re responsible and good with kids, offer to babysit for families in your area.
  • House-sitting: Offer to take care of plants, water, and keep the house safe while they are out of town.
  • Running errands: Offer to do small errands like grocery shopping, picking up mail at a post office box or packages delivered from Amazon for your neighbors.

Remember that with neighborhood jobs, reliability is key. Building a trustworthy reputation with your neighbors can lead to more jobs and a better reputation.

What jobs can I do on my own?

There are a variety of jobs that can be done independently, without the need for a team or co-workers. A few examples of jobs you can do on your own are:

  • Freelance writing, photography or design work.
  • Virtual assistance or remote administrative work.
  • Consulting services, such as business or financial consulting.
  • Web development or programming.
  • Online tutoring or teaching.
  • Sales or affiliate marketing using e-commerce platforms such as Amazon or Etsy.

If you’re interested in finding freelance work, websites such as Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr offer a variety of job opportunities across a range of industries.

Good Jobs for 13 Year Olds to Make Money

With the rise of the internet, many opportunities have opened up for 13-year-olds to earn money online. Here are some options to consider:

  • Taking surveys: Many companies, like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, offer paid online surveys for individuals to take.
  • Completing online tasks: Websites like Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allow individuals to complete small tasks in exchange for payment.
  • Selling items online: Children could also ask their parents to help them list gently used items on eBay or Amazon to sell them online.
  • Performing freelance work such as graphic designing, writing articles or proofreading

While many online job opportunities may seem groovy, keep in mind that not all job offers are legitimate. Scammers often target young teens in search of easy money. It’s important to research any online job offers thoroughly to ensure they are safe and legitimate.

Website Name Description
Survey Junkie It offers surveys from some of the world’s biggest brands. Users earn reward points for completing surveys that can be redeemed for PayPal deposits or e-gift cards.
Swagbucks Swagbucks primarily offer paid surveys, but it also pays users for searching the web, visiting new websites, playing games, watching videos or completing other simple tasks.
Mechanical Turk This platform allows users to earn money for completing tasks online. Users are paid in cash via bank transfer or Amazon gift cards.

What is the Best Job Online?

There are a variety of great job opportunities available online. Some popular options include:

  • Freelance writing
  • Virtual assistant
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Social media management

To find online jobs, you can visit job boards like Indeed, FlexJobs, and You can also check out remote job listings on company websites.

If you have skills in a specific niche, you may want to consider joining sites like Upwork or Fiverr to find freelance work.

Overall, the best job online will depend on your skills and interests. Do some research and explore different options to find the right fit for you.

Summer is a great time for 13-year-olds to start earning their own money. If you’re looking for some good jobs for 13 year olds to make money, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Babysitting: Many parents are in need of babysitters during the summer months when school is out. This can be a great way for 13-year-olds to earn money while gaining valuable experience caring for younger children.

Pet-sitting: Like babysitting, pet-sitting can be a lucrative job for 13-year-olds who love animals. Offer to walk dogs, feed pets, and clean up after them while their owners are away on vacation.

Lawn care: Ask your neighbors if they need help mowing their lawns or watering their plants. This is an easy way for 13-year-olds to make money while getting some exercise.

Selling crafts online: If you’re crafty, why not turn your hobby into a profitable venture? Sites like provide a platform for people to sell their handmade goods online. Set up your own shop and start making some extra cash.

It’s important to note that some jobs may have age restrictions, so be sure to check with each job’s requirements first. Additionally, it’s essential to communicate with parents or guardians about the jobs you’re considering and to prioritize safety.

If you’re interested in finding more job opportunities, sites like and offer job listings specifically for 13-year-olds.

What Age Group is Best for Summer Camp?

The ideal age range for summer camp largely depends on the particular type of camp and the interests and temperament of the child. Here are some general recommendations to help guide the decision-making process:

  • Day camps are typically suitable for children aged 5 to 12.
  • Residential or overnight camps are generally geared towards children aged 8 to 16.
  • Teen and leadership camps are typically geared towards adolescents aged 12 to 17.

It’s also important to consider the child’s level of independence, social skills, and ability to handle being away from home. Some websites, such as can help parents compare and choose the most appropriate summer camps for their children.

Good Jobs for 13 Year Olds to Make Money

Limitations for 13-year-olds in the Workplace

There are certain legal limitations for 13-year-olds when it comes to finding employment. These limitations are in place to protect the safety and well-being of young teens. Here are some restrictions to keep in mind:

  • Most states require a work permit for minors under the age of 16.
  • 13-year-olds can only work a certain number of hours a week. This varies by state, but it’s typically around 18 hours during the school year and 40 hours during the summer.
  • 13-year-olds cannot work in certain kinds of jobs, such as manufacturing or construction.
  • There may be restrictions on the type of equipment 13-year-olds can use in the workplace, such as not being allowed to operate power tools or heavy machinery.
  • Young teens cannot work during school hours and may have to obtain a work permit that confirms they have reached a certain level of education.

It’s important to follow these restrictions and ensure that the job being pursued is age-appropriate. The U.S Department of Labor website provides parents and employers with information about the legal restrictions that apply to young workers.

Some other resources parents may find helpful when it comes to ensuring young teens find age-appropriate jobs are websites like Indeed and Jobcase. These websites have job postings tailored specifically to young teens and their legal limitations.

What is a work permit in the UK?

A work permit in the UK is a legal permission granted to non-European Union (EU) citizens to work in the United Kingdom. The permit is granted for a particular job and employer, and it’s usually valid for up to two years or the duration of the employment contract.

To obtain a UK work permit, the worker must have a job offer from a UK-based employer who will act as a sponsor. The employer must apply for a sponsorship license and provide documentation that the worker meets the necessary criteria, including minimum salary requirements, language skills, and relevant experience.

There are several types of UK work permits, including the Tier 2 General Work visa, which is the most commonly used. Other categories include the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa, Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme, and the Tier 4 Student visa.

For more information on how to apply for a work permit in the UK, visit the UK government’s official website.

Tips for Success

While finding a job as a 13-year-old may seem intimidating, there are plenty of things that can be done to ensure success. Here are some tips for young teens to succeed in their chosen jobs:

  • Be reliable: Show up on time and do the job right. This may lead to more opportunities in the future.
  • Be responsible: Demonstrate a willingness to learn and follow directions.
  • Communicate well with employers: If there are any issues, don’t be afraid to speak up.
  • Be respectful: Treat employers, customers, and co-workers with respect.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear attire that is appropriate for the job.

It’s also important to remember that success in a job can lead to positive references and more opportunities in the future. By following these tips, young teens can build a great reputation in the working world.

Parents or guardians may find it helpful to look into job coaching services for their children. Such services can help young teens learn how to create resumes and cover letters, how to apply for jobs, and how to prepare for an interview. Additionally, services like these may offer online courses in areas like money management and financial literacy. Some notable job coaching services for young people include JobReady and Job Corps.

What are the 10 keys to success?

1. Setting clear goals and creating a plan to achieve them.
2. Staying focused and committed to your objectives.
3. Building and maintaining positive relationships with people.
4. Continuously learning and improving your skills.
5. Managing your time effectively and prioritizing tasks.
6. Embracing challenges and opportunities for growth.
7. Taking calculated risks and being open to new experiences.
8. Staying organized and maintaining a sense of order.
9. Fostering a positive mindset and attitude.
10. Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle that supports your goals.

By following these keys to success, you can achieve your goals and reach your full potential. For more tips and strategies for personal and professional success, check out our website (insert website or product if relevant).

Key Description
1 Set clear goals and create a plan
2 Stay focused and committed to objectives
3 Build and maintain positive relationships
  • Continuously learn and improve skills
  • Manage time effectively and prioritize tasks
  • Embrace challenges and opportunities for growth
  • Take calculated risks and be open to new experiences
  • Stay organized and maintain sense of order
  • Foster a positive mindset and attitude
  • Live a healthy and balanced lifestyle


In conclusion, there are many good jobs for 13-year-olds who are looking to make some extra cash and gain valuable skills. From jobs in the neighborhood, to online gigs, to summer camp work, there are many options for young teens to choose from. It’s important for parents to guide and support their children as they navigate the job market and develop good work habits and skills. Encourage your young teen to be responsible, reliable, and respectful, and they will stand out in any job they do.

It’s also helpful to remember that while earning money is important, it’s not the only benefit of employment. A job can provide valuable life skills such as communication, leadership, and teamwork. It can help young teens build confidence, develop a sense of responsibility, and even explore potential future career paths.

In short, there are many good jobs for 13-year-olds that can help them earn money, meet new people, and learn new skills. Whatever job they choose, young teens can benefit greatly from the experience and grow into responsible, hardworking individuals.






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