Escape From Tarkov: Best Money-Making Strategies

Escape From Tarkov is a challenging game that requires players to use different strategies to survive and progress. One of the essential aspects of the game is the need for money, as it is required to purchase gear, weapons and other essential items. For new players or those struggling to make ends meet, finding the best way to make money in the game is critical. The game’s economy is complex, with multiple ways to make a profit, depending on the player’s preference and skills. In this article, we will explore the best ways to make money in Escape From Tarkov, providing tips and advice to help you increase your earnings and progress in the game. By the end of this guide, players should have a better understanding of how to generate income in the game and which methods work best for their playstyle.

Selling Items to Traders

One of the easiest ways to make money in Escape From Tarkov is by selling loot to traders. However, it requires some knowledge of the game’s economy and which items are most profitable. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Learn the different item categories and their values to know which items are worth selling and which are not.
  • Focus on looting items with high sell values, such as weapons, gear, and attachments.
  • Consider storing high-value items in your stash instead of selling them immediately to traders. They may sell for higher prices in the future when demand is high.
  • Sell items to the appropriate trader who specializes in them for the best prices.
  • Use third-party websites such as Tarkov Market or Tarkov Database to check the current prices of the items you want to sell.

With these tips, players can maximize their profits from selling items to traders and have a steady stream of income to progress in the game.

What loot to sell in Tarkov?

Here are some recommended items to sell in Escape from Tarkov:

  • Weapons and attachments
  • Ammo
  • Medical supplies
  • Armor and helmets
  • Valuables such as gold chains, bitcoin, and rolex watches

Selling these items will help you earn some extra roubles in the game. Keep in mind that prices for these items fluctuate based on the in-game economy, so always check the flea market or trader prices before selling.

PMC Runs

PMC (Private Military Company) runs consist of playing as your main character in Escape From Tarkov. You can earn money on PMC runs by looting and extracting with valuable items. Here are some tips to maximize your profits:

  • Research and familiarize yourself with the various maps available. This knowledge can help increase your chances of survival.
  • Choose high-traffic areas or points of interest to maximize your chances of finding valuable items.
  • Take your time and be cautious. Rushing through a map can result in losing your valuable loot.
  • Consider using keys to open locked rooms that contain high-value items.
  • Extract with your valuable items by reaching designated extraction points safely.

Here is a table of some high-value items that you can find on a PMC run, including their average selling price on the flea market:

Item Average Price
Graphics Card 250,000 – 350,000 Roubles
LEDX Skin Transilluminator 1,700,000 – 2,000,000 Roubles
Red Keycard (Reserve) 8,000,000 – 9,500,000 Roubles
Defibrillator 250,000 – 350,000 Roubles

Using the information above and with practice, you can profitably run PMC raids and obtain valuable items easily on Escape From Tarkov.

How do you make big money in Tarkov?

Here are a few tips on how to make big money in Tarkov:

  • Do scav runs to collect and sell loot
  • Take advantage of the flea market to buy low and sell high
  • Grind trader levels for access to better gear and more profitable items
  • Run high risk-high reward raids for valuable items like bitcoins and keycards
  • Take the time to learn the value of items and market trends

If you’re struggling to make money in Tarkov, there are a number of websites and guides available to help you maximize your profits. One such website is Escape from Tarkov Market, which allows players to track prices and create a shopping list for the flea market. There are also Tarkov guides and YouTube channels that provide detailed information on money making strategies.

Scav Runs

Scav runs are also a viable option to make money in Escape From Tarkov. You are assigned a random character with random inventory and have to complete specific objectives to extract safely. Here are some tips to help you successfully complete scav runs and maximize your profits:

  • Scav runs are beneficial for learning the game, getting familiar with maps and risk-free looting, however be aware that you might encounter hostile players.
  • Choose maps that you are comfortable with, as playing a scav can help improve your map knowledge.
  • Be patient and use your scav abilities to your advantage, for instance, scav abilities will help you blend in with AI scavs.
  • Loot high-value items like rare keys, keys with specific additions or items that have higher value on the flea market.
  • Extract from the map while keeping in mind the time restrictions, otherwise you might lose your valuable loot.

Overall, scav runs can offer a great source of income with almost zero risk as long as you maintain caution while looting. It is worth exploring this option as a profitable way to partake in the game.

What is the best map to make money in Tarkov?

  • Interchange is considered the best map to make money in Tarkov due to the abundance of valuable loot and easy-to-find exits.
  • The map is ideal for players who want to make a profit by looting stores, the central mall, and the railway station.
  • Other notable maps for making money are Shoreline and Reserve, but these maps require more skill and preparation to extract with profitable loot.
  • Consider using a loot map or guide to optimize your runs and increase your chances of finding valuable items.

Flea Market

The flea market is an advanced option to make money in Escape From Tarkov, where players can buy and sell items with other players. Here are some tips to help you succeed in the flea market:

  • Research the prices of items on the flea market before selling, so you do not undersell valuable items.
  • Take into account the fees that will be deducted from each transaction, such as taxes and dealer fees.
  • Ensure your storage space is large enough to store the items you plan to sell, and understand which items sell faster and which take longer to sell.
  • Market your items effectively by utilizing a clear and attractive description and providing competitive pricing that is not underselling the item.
  • Always double-check the items you are buying from the flea market to avoid being scammed, and verify the seller’s reputation before engaging in any agreements or transactions.
  • Join online communities or forums for Escape From Tarkov to find specific deals, discuss market trends, and stay up-to-date with the latest market changes.

Using the flea market might not be necessary when starting with the game. Therefore, develop your game skills first and accumulate wealth by other means. However, if used wisely, the flea market can offer a great opportunity to buy and sell items at a higher price than what in-game traders offer.

Can you make money in offline mode Tarkov?

Yes, you can make money in offline mode Tarkov to get familiar with the game’s mechanics and map layout without the fear of losing your gear. However, the money and loot you earn will not carry over to online mode.

Tips to make money in offline mode Tarkov:

  • Sell loot to traders
  • Complete quests for additional rewards
  • Scavenge valuable items from dead scavs and players
  • Explore the maps and find hidden stashes


Bartering is an excellent way for players to trade items they no longer need for items they require for in-game success. Here are some tips for successful bartering in Escape From Tarkov:

  • Find items that are in high demand and trade them for items that cost a lot on the flea market or traders.
  • Look for traders who accept barter trades and browse through items they require in exchange for what you want.
  • Find other players who are willing to trade items. Use online forums, in-game chats or social media groups to find trading partners.
  • Ensure that the item you are trading for is of comparable value with the item you are giving.
  • Be ready to negotiate and compromise with the other party to find a mutually beneficial trade for both parties.
  • Check the forums or online communities for websites, tools, and apps that show the average barter values of different items. This way, you know the correct value and can decide which items to trade.

Bartering is a great way to get rid of unnecessary items in your inventory and obtain items that you have a hard time finding. However, it’s important to remember that some players may cheat or mislead you, so always ensure the barter proposal is fair and that both parties receive a similar value.

What barter items should I sell in Tarkov?

The barter system in Tarkov is a fantastic way to get the items you need by trading what you have. Here are some items that you should be looking to sell for a good profit:

  • Salewa First Aid Kits
  • Military Cable
  • VPX Flash Storage Module
  • Ultraviolet Lamps
  • Car Batteries

Keep an eye on the current prices of these items on the flea market to maximize your profits. Consider using to see the current prices and demand for each item. Happy trading!


Escape From Tarkov is a challenging game that can be very unforgiving for players who don’t have the necessary finances to purchase good equipment, weapons, and ammo. In this article, we have reviewed several effective ways for players to make money in Escape From Tarkov. These methods include selling items to traders, scav runs, PMC runs, using the flea market, and bartering. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s a good idea to try each of them and pick the one that fits your gameplay style.

Remember to always be cautious when looting and to avoid taking unnecessary risks as losing your loot can be costly. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with the various locations within Tarkov and how to navigate them efficiently is also important. Lastly, don’t forget to use the forums or online communities to find groups of players with whom you could barter and trade.

By following the tips and techniques explained in this article, players can increase their chances of success and have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Good luck on your journeys in Escape From Tarkov!

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