100 Ways to Make Money: Freelancing, Online Business, Side Hustles, Investing and Selling

In today’s world, everyone looks for ways to earn additional income. Whether you are a student, a working professional, or a stay-at-home parent, everyone can benefit from having a little extra cash. The search term “100 ways to earn money” is one of the most popular online queries as people seek various avenues to increase their income. The good news is that there are many ways to make money, from freelancing and online businesses to side hustles and investing. However, not all money-making opportunities are created equal, and finding the ones that fit your skills, resources and interests can be challenging. In this article, we will explore some of the best ways to earn money and provide tips on how to get started with each one. Whether you want to earn a few extra bucks or start a new career, keep reading to discover 100 ways to earn money, broken down into several categories to help you find the ones that are right for you.

Money Making Ideas Through Freelancing

Freelancing has become a popular way for people to earn extra money, especially with the rise in the gig economy. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Writing and Editing

Graphic Design and Web Development

  • Create logos, website or social media graphics
  • Create or customize websites for individuals and businesses

Social Media Management

  • Manage social media profiles for businesses or influencers
  • Create social media content and grow followers

Whether you have experience in these areas or want to learn more, freelancing provides a great opportunity to use your skills and make money on your own schedule. Check out websites like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer to find freelancing jobs that match your expertise.

Which freelancing is best for earning?

Here are some of the most lucrative freelancing areas:

  • Web Development: With the increasing demand for online businesses, web development is a lucrative field for earning.
  • Digital Marketing: As more and more businesses seek an online presence, digital marketing has become a high-demand field.
  • Content Writing: Great content is the backbone of every online business. Writing engaging, informative, and SEO-optimized content is a skill that pays well.
  • Graphic Design: Brands look for visually appealing and impactful designs. Hence, graphic design is a well-paying freelancing option.

You can find a variety of freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr that have multiple projects in these areas.

Money Making Ideas Through Online Business

Starting an online business has become an increasingly popular way to earn money. The low overhead costs and potential for scale make it an attractive option. Here are some ideas to consider:


  • Write about topics you’re passionate about
  • Monetize through ads, affiliate marketing or sponsored content


  • Sell products without having to hold inventory
  • Partner with suppliers who fulfill orders directly to customers

Courses and Products

  • Create and sell courses on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare
  • Develop and sell digital products like e-books or templates
Business Idea Pros Cons
Blogging Low overhead costs, flexible schedule Long-term commitment to writing content
Dropshipping No inventory costs or shipping logistics Reliance on suppliers and potential for low profit margins
Courses and Products High profit margins, scalability Saturated market and need for marketing skills

Starting an online business requires time, effort, and a willingness to learn. However, with the right idea and execution, it can lead to financial freedom and creative fulfillment. Check out platforms like Shopify, Wix or WordPress to get started on building your website.

Which business is best to earn money online?

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Online courses
  • Dropshipping
  • E-commerce
  • Freelancing

Each of these businesses has a potential to earn a good amount of money online. Affiliate marketing means promoting other people’s products online and getting commission on sales. Online courses can be created on any topic that you have expertise in and earn money from students who enroll. Dropshipping is a way to sell products without holding inventory. E-commerce is recommended for selling your own products since it gives the most control over the business. Freelancing is also a great way to earn money online by offering services such as writing, design, or programming.

Money Making Ideas Through Side Hustles

If you’re looking to earn extra money on the side, consider starting a side hustle. Here are some ideas to consider:

Renting Out a Room on Airbnb

  • Earn money by renting out a spare room in your home to travelers
  • Set your own schedule and pricing

Pet-Sitting or Dog Walking

  • Offer pet-sitting or dog walking services to neighbors or through online platforms like Rover
  • Flexible hours and ability to work outdoors

Uber or Lyft Driving

  • Drive for ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft
  • Flexible hours and potential for high earnings during peak times

Starting a side hustle requires time and effort, but can offer additional income and a change of pace. Consider choosing a side hustle that aligns with your interests or skills. Check out online platforms like TaskRabbit or Upwork to find additional side hustle opportunities.

How to make $1000 dollars on a side hustle?

Here are a few ways you can earn $1000 on a side hustle:

  • Sell handmade or vintage items on Etsy
  • Drive for Uber or Lyft
  • Offer freelance services on Fiverr or Upwork
  • Complete surveys on websites like Swagbucks
  • Babysit or pet sit for people in your community

Remember to find a side hustle that aligns with your skills and interests. With dedication and hard work, you can easily earn $1000 on a side hustle.

Money Making Ideas Through Investing

Investing can be a great way to earn passive income over time. Here are some types of investments to consider:


  • Purchase ownership in a company and earn a share of the profits through dividends
  • Requires research and monitoring

Mutual Funds

  • Invest in a collection of stocks, bonds, and other assets
  • Offers diversification and professional management

Real Estate

  • Buy property or invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Potential for rental income and appreciation in value


  • Loan money to an organization in exchange for regular interest payments
  • Offers stability and lower risk compared to stocks

Before investing, it’s important to do your research and understand the risks involved. Consult with a financial advisor or use online platforms like Robinhood or TD Ameritrade to invest in stocks and other assets. Remember that investing involves risk and potential losses, so consider your options carefully.

What can you earn from investing?

Investing can potentially provide various options for earning, including:

  • Capital gains: Profits made from selling securities or assets at a higher price than purchased.
  • Dividends: Earnings distributed by companies to shareholders as a part of profits.
  • Interest: Returns provided by bonds or savings accounts.
  • Rental income: Income generated by rental properties.

Please note that investing also comes with risks, and earnings are not guaranteed. It is essential to understand market trends, risks and other factors before making any investment decisions.

If you need help with investing, you can check out websites like Investopedia or product/s like Robinhood that can provide guidance and tools for investors.

Money Making Ideas Through Selling

Selling can be a fast way to make money, especially with the rise of online marketplaces. Here are some popular selling ideas:


  • Marketplace that allows users to sell new or used items through auctions or fixed-price listings
  • Charges fees for listing and final value, but offers a wide reach and established platform


  • Online marketplace for handmade or vintage items, craft supplies, and unique goods
  • Offers lower fees compared to eBay and a supportive community


  • Global marketplace with various categories for selling new items, including books, electronics, and household goods
  • Charges fees and requires professional seller account for some categories, but provides high traffic and brand recognition

Garage Sales

  • Host a garage sale or sell items at a flea market or local market
  • Offers immediate cash and a chance to get rid of clutter, but requires time and effort to set up

When selling online, it’s important to consider pricing, packaging, and shipping costs. Provide accurate descriptions and high-quality photos to attract buyers. Consider offering promotions or discounts to encourage repeat customers. Utilize social media platforms like Facebook marketplace or Offer Up to reach a wider audience.

What will I sell to make money?

There are plenty of things you can sell to make money, depending on your skills, interests, and goals. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create and sell digital products, such as eBooks, courses or digital artwork.
  • Sell products on an e-commerce website. Dropshipping is another great option for those with limited funds to begin their e-commerce journey.
  • Become an affiliate for a product or program, and earn a commission for each referral you send. This is a great option for those who want to promote products they believe in without having to provide customer support.
  • Offer a service, such as freelance writing, graphic designing, social media management or website development.
  • Sell physical products through marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy or eBay.


In conclusion, there are countless ways to earn money, whether you’re looking to supplement your income or start a new career path. From freelancing and online business to investing and selling, the possibilities are endless. By exploring different options and finding what works best for you and your skills, you can achieve financial independence and reach your goals.

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